Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gothic Arch Challenge Bows

This week on Gothic Arches our challenge is to use a bow(s), and I took the easy way out by using this beautiful Paper Whimsy girl who has a bow in her hair. I think she is just "precious" and she reminded me of a prayer by Marianne Williamson which I found in a book. I think those of you who are mother's may really appreciate this, you can change it to a male version too. I don't normally post prayers and such, but this one I find perfect as my daughter is now away from home and finding her own way in life. I love you Ashleigh :)

Dear God,
Please take care of my precious child
as her path now leads her away from me.
May Angels surround her
and may she find her way.
May my love for her
be as a light surrounds her
for all her living days.