Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Buttons and Baubles

I found these photos in my folders and thought you might enjoy some of my buttons and baubles as inspiration :)

This was my button drawer when I had my studio downstairs. I was using my lovely old cupboard at the time, but it was just too heavy to get up to the room I use now. This other room just didn't get enough sunlight. I need sunlight :)

A lot of these buttons are gone now, but have been put to good use on lots of different pieces of art, some on Christmas stockings, pillows etc when I used to sew more.

This little purse, or hand bag for my British friends is made of silk and covered in beautiful shell buttons. It was a gift for my daughter from her great aunt, my dearest friend, the last time she visited us from England.
Never been used, it is just too pretty and too special to let it get damaged considering who gave it to her, so I keep it at home and use as decor in my cottage room.

I call these baubles. Bits and pieces of old jewelry, mostly earrings, that I can use in my artwork. I am slowly running low on this type of thing because I have not been to a thrift shop or flea market in over a year. Still they do look pretty in this little dish.

This pretty glass dish holds my blingy bits and pieces.

I also have lots of vintage white shell buttons which I keep in ice cream glasses and jars on a shelf in my studio, and below is my other inspiration in my studio, my little Cooper. This is him falling asleep with his blankie, he wanted to say hi, but he is just too relaxed to get up.

I may not be around a lot for a few months, maybe once a week or so. We have until June 26th, to sell this house, clear out more clutter from this house, pack up and move to the new house. In between all that there is much more to do too.

We had a walk through our new home this week, the dry wall is up and it looks like a home now. I walked in and instantly felt at home, so that's a good sign. I am SO excited, it's awesome !!!!! I forgot my camera but next time will take some photos for you :)

See you soon,