Friday, September 25, 2009

I can't believe she did this......

Hi, this is Cooper again. I can't believe what mom did, just look at me......

Purple? Orange? What the heck? Is this normal?

Mom left me alone while she went to run some errands and I always sniff the bags to see if she brought me anything when she get's back. She usually does *snicker*... well, I did not expect this.

So she puts this thing on me and it just fits, takes me outside, and it's like 23c plus humidity, then she pesters me to sit still. I think she lost her marbles while she was out.

I told her, I just want to play with my ball, but she kept following me and snapping photos.

I finally said "Look mom, I will sit still but hurry up", and here I am talking and complaining...

Then if that wasn't enough, she asked me to be scary, like, be a scary dog.
Who me? LMBO......
Well I tried, and I must say I do look some vicious , crazy dog don't you think?

Well, relief, she gave up after that, said she was too hot. Well duhhhhhh, what about me? She really was just having fun, please don't go reporting her due to my complaints.

She showed this coat, as she calls it, to my dad when he got home and he said she was crazy *giggle* I had to laugh, I thought so too.
"Oh but I couldn't resist" she said," it was only $1 at Dollarama, how could I not, just for fun?", then she said, "At least I didn't buy the matching booties"...waaaahhhhhh heaven forbid.

Hey, I am thinking maybe if I gain some weight before Halloween it won't fit and then she can't send me out in it with all the kids on my street that I play with :)