Monday, August 10, 2009

Regal Blog Award

Presented to me by Her Grace the Duchess of Tea and in her own words...

This insignia is in recognition and appreciation of the bloggers role as followers and daily commentators of Rose Tea Cottage and for having vision, knowledge, charm and humour on their own blogs.

Thank you Duchess I am honored. I am also honored to receive any award presented to me, only I don't usually post about them because you are supposed to pass them on and I feel rather uncomfortable doing so. I have done so in the past because I felt I should, but I have had to stop doing things just because I think I should and be true to my own feelings. I hope you understand. What I usually do is post them in my side bar with the name of the lovely person who has honored me with the award.

I have posted this award today not only because it is unique and it is not a transferable award, but also so I could explain myself on this matter.
I used to have a "no tag" logo in my side bar too, and took it down because I felt it a bit harsh. I know, I am just being my polite old self, but I thought it was ugly too, and who wants an ugly button on her blog ?

If you have yet to visit the Duchess, you may find her charming, beautiful, interesting and informative blog at Rose Tea Cottage. If you love all things British, you don't want to miss it.