Friday, August 7, 2009

I won a beautiful giveaway :)

Can you believe this? Just look at what I won. Yes, all of it.....

I still can't believe I won all of the beautiful items here so generously given away by Marydon on her blog at Blushing Rose Boutique to celebrate 100 followers.
It was wonderful to recieve the package yesterday and open all the beautiful goodies. I think a lot of my creative friends would really love this lovely tea book journal, shown below closed. So soft pretty and simple.
Open it up and look what is inside. Pockets with recipe's for tea's and punch, a great place to store those special recipes :) Wouldn't this make a beautiful gift?

How about the frosted ornament with tea cups on it, just beautiful. I collect tea cups, or I did, I have kind of stopped over the past six months, so this giveaway was perfect for me.
I think you can see in this photo too a really romantic looking organza sachet filled with bath salts.
I wish I had a better photo of this altered spoon. I think it is very creative, turned into a tiny vase. Marydon and filled it with the pretty flowers.
The other flowers you see are candle holder decorations and in the most beautiful colors, and the small hanging sachet heart, I just am in love with. I love anything in white battenburg lace, I love sachets and I love hearts, it is already in my Rose Cottage bedroom.

Gourmet tea's, vintage cup and saucer, vintage spoon, not to mention a beautiful hand made tea cozy, I feel so blessed.
Marydon has a shop filled with beautiful items, also named Blushing Rose Boutique so if you see anything here maybe you can find it right now in her online shop. Lot's of tea time related items too :)

Did I mention jeweled sugar? I think this is so neat, I have never had it before and I do take sugar in both tea and coffee. It looks too pretty to open :)

I thank you from the bottom of my heart Marydon, this is so generous of you, and I was soooooooo shocked when I won, nicely shocked of course :)

I now have to think of a giveaway for my one year blogaversary in 12 days, keep following so you won't miss it :)

Have a great weekend.