Thursday, April 16, 2009

There's A Blue Blog Party Going On

Before the night is over I just have to get to the parteee at Etsy Cottage Style :)
It is a Blue Blog Party Event and I wouldn't miss it for the world, because Etsy Cottage Style is so near and dear to my heart and always will be. Thank you to Marcela who runs the blog and has set up this party. Please put on your party shoes and get over to the ECS blog to see who else is participating, and maybe join in yourself because it will last for a few days. Hey.... we do know how to party you know?

So the thing is we are to post pictures of Blue things on our blog from around our home, our garden, or blue creations we have made recently. Anything blue basically, it's all for a bit of fun :)

About 6 years ago, before I moved to our present home I had "everything" blue and white, and my entire house almost, had blue walls, but now, it's all gone. Hubby asked when we moved if we could get rid of all the blue LOL, so I agreed to try new things in our new home. SOoooooooo, I went around the house today to find what I had in blue, and I did find a few pretty treasures to share with you. I also made these beautiful tags a few days ago in blues and golds from a digi sheet I purchased at Paper Whimsy.

Then I have a new creation to share that I just finished today, which is in beautiful blue shades. This is a wooden house shape I altered, also using images from Paper Whimsy.
While I am here I will also let you know that both these items are listed in my "new" Etsy shop which is named "Koupie" (don't ask LOL). I already have an Etsy shop to sell vintage things, so now I have two. Am I crazy or what?

I am also a collector of tea cups, although I have stopped being so obsessed with it now, I have had this beautiful tea cup and saucer for many years which was gifted to me by a family member. Don't tell, but I forgot which one... It has dainty blue Forget-me-nots , which I just love, and that grow all over my garden, BUT, nothing is blooming yet, or I would have taken a photo of them for the party.

I also love vintage hankies, but they have to be really special ones now, the type I really want to display.

This beautiful hankie and gloves are displayed in my guest room which I call The Rose Cottage because it is decorated in Cottage Style and I have a beautiful sign purchased on Etsy which says "The Rose Cottage" hanging on the wall over the bed.

The hankie and gloves were also purchased on Etsy from my friend Karen at Cider Antiques. I have to keep away from her shop, it can be dangerous :)

Also on the wall in the guest room is one of my very favorite artist plates. You remember these plates and frames right? I used to have so many of them. This plate I cannot part with, and the frame is beautiful, so I painted it white. You just have to view the close up to see this little girls face, she is soooooooo beautiful.

The only other item I have with blue is this pretty vintage bowl. I have a set of 3 and keep things in them througout the house.

So there are my Blue's, I hope you enjoyed your viewing and will leave a comment, then go visit the other bloggers at the party, maybe have some punch and a nice chat, it's a fun girl's night out :)