Friday, March 14, 2014

"It Takes A Village"

When I saw Cathy Bluteau's whimsical houses I immediately wanted to play , so I signed up for her class , and had a few relaxing and fun days creating this village out of my old stash of scrapbooking papers.

I really enjoyed it but so far have only done one piece because I also had signed up for a more intense workshop involving textile  art, which I am still working on.

I could have posted this a while ago and some of you have seen it on Facebook but I thought my blog readers may like to see it and even be interested in Cathy's class which you can check out on her website here. Its called "It Takes A Village".

I did start another one, but for the time being, all papers glue and paint have been put away so I can focus on my other workshop with Jackie Cardy , and oh my…. will you love her work if you have yet to see it. This is her first time offering her techniques , and hopefully for some of you it won't be the last because she is a wonderful teacher and such a real delight to listen to with her British accent and funny remarks and sayings. Such a lovely person :) 


  1. Oh Lynn this is gorgeous!! I really need to find the time to do some online classes they just get you thinking in a different way. Maybe that can be a goal for later ion the year (though where the first quarter of it has gone I don't know). I was reading your post below as well - I agree balance is a good thing to strive for. When I actually take time to assess what is going on in my life taking small steps to adjust where I am placing my time and effort is what I look at. It's also good for your mental health!! However in my case I tend to compromise on the housework. Just got back from the beach (Tenerife) last week. It was heavenly, I could listen to the sea all day - best de-stresser there is! Have a good day, Cindy x

  2. Such happy houses! How I wish I could have done the class with Jackie too, but I just don't have the time to do everything I have on my plate as it is. I need 36 hour days (at least!!).

  3. I've just discovered you have a blog Lynn, I love your houses, they're fabulous.

  4. What adorable houses Lynn! Great way to use up your old papers too.


  5. Hello Lynn,
    What a whimsical,and happy town you created, it is wonderful, dear.

  6. this is adorable! I just love the colors and patterns that you used! So sweet!

  7. This is so lovely. I am glad that you are enjoying Jackie's class so much too.


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