Friday, March 7, 2014

Dreaming of the beach today

Hello there,

I know, it's been a while again and I keep saying that but I have been trying to find some balance in my life this year so far, actually "Balance" is my word for 2014, and so far it's going quite well.

The problem is there are so many things I want to do , so many things I love doing and then there are the chores like housework.
 Let's face it, I like a clean house :)

I am sure most of you creatives feel this way too.

I am dreaming of the beach today.
 Wish I was there…
It's been a terribly long winter , we still have quite a bit of snow too.

I don't know if I mentioned that hubby and I went to Florida for a week in November . I saw my very first live starfish on the beach and took so many photos of it. I like this one which I have processed in my own little way, very simple.

I feel a sense of peace when I am at the ocean , in any kind of nature actually, how about you?

My dream of all dreams is to have a little house on a beach somewhere . Do you have big dreams?

BTW… if you are on Facebook, I have a page (which I have neglected too, but now I am more organized) where I post my photos with quotes and some inspiration. Pop on over and "like" my page and keep in touch there. Here is the link to Ashleigh Lynn Design on Facebook.

Named after my darling daughter Ashleigh Lynn. ;)


  1. Your starfish picture is beautiful! :0)

  2. Welcome back to Blogland, Lynn!!! I love your re-entry post. The starfish picture is gorgeous. I'm such a fan of your photography. I LOVE the ocean. Standing on the shore, listening to the waves swish against the beach always 'centers' me. It tends to put things into perspective. Sending love! ♥

  3. My dream would be to live beside a small lake...preferably with very few neighbours and NO motorized boats allowed. That would be heaven on earth! Love your starfish and your quote too.

  4. Life certainly is full...isn't it.
    What a great starfish and what you've done with it dear Lynn ♥
    Those moments of nature are so special...
    I could walk on the beach for hours and hours...
    Nature certainly is full of so many special gifts!
    Happy March

  5. Seems we are are on the same wave length....a beautiful post. Keep the balance!

  6. Such a beautiful shot and I had to smile too,,,as Florida was where I saw my very first "real" Starfish as well as finding real sea/sand dollars just laying there for the taking:) so I know you had a wonderful trip. You had to deal with a hard winter and we had one of theeee mildest winters in 60 years so they say but it has already been like spring for two to three weeks already and the pussy willows are sprouting and my crocus plants have already bloomed and disappeared so this is unusually early. The weather everywhere is a bit crazy isn't it. Had years near the ocean or a beach and am really drawn to the mountains....I would love to live way up in the Alps:) someday,,,maybe when we retire:) Have a good start to your week.

  7. We are so alike Lynn......I constantly dream of the beach. We have even decorated our bedroom in beach style (I guess that might not be everyone's cup on tea ;-)
    Love your photo..... xxx


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