Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year

I wanted to drop in and wish you all a very Happy New Year. Are you excited for a brand new start? I know I am. There is just something about a fresh new beginning to the year that inspires me.

I don't make resolutions because they are too hard to stick to, but I do have goals and dreams . How about you, do you choose "one word" for the year?  This is my third year choosing a word and my one word for this year is "SHINE". Rather than explain the "one word project" I will add the link to the website for you at and you can read all about it.

I chose "shine" because I have always been afraid to really be myself and let go. I have always had a certain lack of confidence and low self esteem. It has improved in the last few years but I have also been hiding in my own little shell (at home) away from people and I now realize it's not good for me.

 I am highly sensitive and things people say often hurt, which causes me then to pull back and, I become afraid to shine. I do well at something and then I stop for some reason. Self sabotage. I want to change.

I also had an a ha moment recently while thinking about this and I just realized that I have felt guilty to shine for the last 5 years since my dearest friend and aunt, Su had a brain aneurysm. She was always my shining light , and a very creative spirit like myself. I have been feeling guilty (not realizing until now) that she can no longer shine and I could. She is doing well, nothing much changes in her world, she can't create anymore, she can't read because she forgets what she read 5 minutes after she read it. She sometimes watches the same movie every day for weeks. There is just not much she can do. She does know me when I call , but it makes me so sad that she has to live this way.

I took the shot above with my iPhone and used one of my fave apps to process it. If you are like me and into the photo editing apps InstaFilterZilla is a good one , I use it a lot now, so many ways to edit your photographs, add filters and textures and it even lets you add bokeh.

For those of you who don't know what bokeh is, here is an example. The shiny circles of light here are bokeh. My younger niece, our cupcake queen made winter cupcakes last week and they looked so pretty I had to snap a shot of them. I am in love with my iphone5 camera , and addicted to Instagram now too. I have committed "to myself" to do the 365 photos project. A photo a day for the entire year. So lets see how I can keep up.

If you are on Instagram or just want to see my photo stream here is the link Lynn's Instagram.
My user name is koupie.
For those of you who use Flickr I can post them to my account at the same time, here is my photo stream, add me as a contact and I will add you too. Lynn's Flickr.

I certainly have talked a lot today, so I am going to make another post to share some whimsical art work I created before the holidays, and will leave you with one more of my iPhone photos.
All three were processed with InstaFilterZilla, available in the app store if you have an iPhone. 

Take care of yourself .....