Monday, January 7, 2013

A Little Whimsy

Hi again creative friends....

I thought a little whimsical art may brighten up this cloudy day.

Even if it's not cloudy where you are, it may still bring a smile to your face.

I know it did for me when I was creating these two small canvases.

I needed a hand made gift for my friend and I hadn't done any art for months so after a few attempts at other things I decided to make a very whimsical and fun canvas.

Lot's of layers, paint, stamps, doodles and rub ons , and the use of 
my "one word" for 2012 which was "GROW".

Not so much to grow a garden which I certainly did , but to grow
mentally, spiritually and creatively. I learned a lot of new things last
year including the graphics program Adobe Illustrator, and I learned
a lot about myself. 

I really enjoyed the process in creating these two pieces and that is what really is the most important part of art for me, being in the moment , and feeling that joy feeling while you play. How about you, do you enjoy the process?

All photos were taken with my iPhone5 , which as you can see has an amazing camera. I didn't add any fancy textures or effects on them.

If you are looking for a smart phone I highly recommend the iPhone and not just for the camera which I looooove....
Did I say how much I love my iphone camera?

If you are new to these kind of phones, you might not know that you don't have to buy the actual phone, you can get one through a plan you set up like I did. I upgraded my old school mobile phone to this beauty.

All photographs on this blog unless otherwise stated are copyright to me, but you are allowed to pin them with a link back to this blog. Thank you :)