Friday, February 1, 2013

Mixed Media Journal

Happy February my friends, I hope you are all well.

Just dropping in with something I actually finished. I say that because I seem to have
several unfinished projects on the go and am having a hard time deciding where to go
with them. Do you ever get like that?

This in an art journal, I insert mixed media paper, water colour paper and some of my inky papers in the journal for artsy friends to create on. Or not, doesn't matter :)

This one I am keeping for myself because I gave all my others as gifts.
I love the bright colours on this journal too, lots of layering and finished up with some
machine stitching. 

You can still take Roben Marie's workshop on her process to creating these journals. I took
it last summer and really enjoyed it, I just put my own style to the finished product  which is good, because we don't all want to look like we make the same journals or papers :)

A few more papers that may be going in another journal.
The thing is you can use these papers for backgrounds on atc's or collage, and they are a lot of fun to create using spray inks.

I have had a hard time focusing on art to be honest, maybe that's why the unfinished projects. We found out a couple of weeks ago that my sister has breast cancer and there has been a lot of different feelings and emotions flying around here. I am not sure when her surgery will be, but they are thinking a lumpectomy to start with. It's such a shock when you get news like this, then after a while you start to accept it and do what needs to be done. My sister is being really good about it, so I know she will do well :)

I am happy that January is over now, it just seemed like a very long month.

How's things with you?