Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's a Monster Bash

Frankie softie design 

Hello everyone :)
I know, long time no see, but I am back. It's time to enjoy creating cute and beautiful things again, which I have not done in such a long time.

I was very busy crafting last week as you can see. I created Frankie, the Subway Art and potion bottle for "A Handmade Halloween" which I just published on Squidoo.

I have been writing pages on Squidoo for almost a year now and have raised over $200us for my fave charity. If you didn't know about this before, yes, I really enjoy putting these web pages together, and you can raise money by ads being clicked on, or sales through and Ebay, so I decided to do this for The Knit-a-square-project because I get a lot of pain from knitting the squares. They need cash too, so this is something I am really dedicated to. I have published 31 pages so far :)

Subway Art

This is called Subway Art for those of you that don't know, and there are lots of free printable versions listed on my Handmade Halloween page, and you can find this one here.

What I did was paint a wood canvas in black then used mod podge to glue the printable on. I rubbed it with an ink pad and scruffed it up a bit, then another layer of mod podge.

The white dots are done with the end of a paint brush, and then I sanded around the wood to give it a rougher look. I really like it, and hope to make some more.

I had so much fun while researching and searching for great Halloween projects online, mostly from other bloggers, which I have featured on this web page.

 I also created my own design of what I call Witchy boots.

You can find the link to the pattern on A Handmade Halloween if you would like to make some for yourself, they are so quick and easy to make and you can make them in any fabric, whatever your style is.

I chose a piece of upholstery sample I had for years from my stash. I like the black and off white design. I thought the wrong side of the fabric was nice too so I made one of each, and stitched on some vintage buttons. I really like them :)
Witchy boots 
If you visit my new web page , please feel free to tweet it and face book like it, and if you need anything on please go through the page, you will be supporting African AIDS Orphans at the same time, without any cost to you.

Want to know more about Knit-a-square and why I love it so much? I have a web page dedicated to them too, and it is featured on my web page. They are always in need of knitted squares, hats and more, or you can donate directly from their website.

I am so excited to get back to blogging, it's been a crazy summer and a very hot one too, even up until a few days ago.
We just had our Thanksgiving here in Canada and it was the hottest on record where I live. It just didn't seem right some how.

I have so much more to share with you, and I will be back soon to do that, because I have really missed you all.

See you very soon,
Lynn x