Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Queen's Antiques Niagara on the Lake

 Last Tuesday June 7th was our 31st wedding anniversary. We try to take the day and usually go to Niagara on the Lake, which is not all that far from us so off we went planning on going to the Butterfly Conservatory.

Our first stop was "The Queen's Antiques", and wow, this place is chock o block full to the rim with amazing, magical, vintage and antique items. I didn't know where to look first, I found it almost overwhelming , I was so excited.

The lovely lady behind the counter that day was Barb, and she told me that five ladies run the place and they take turns looking after the shop. This is Barb's booth, she kindly allowed me to take a few photos, although she couldn't speak for the other ladies, so I kindly didn't take photos of their areas.

There was a pair of old shoes on that table there. I bought them :)
I have had fun taking photos with my new shoes, and I edited this photo with textures and the Vintage Overlay from Kim Klassen.

Click on the photo for larger view.

It's a shame someone had painted over them, but it is a pretty blue paint. Oh well, I may just see if I can do something with them, I am thinking they were a creamy ivory colour originally. They are ancient and very narrow. I have narrow feet and couldn't get them on, that would have been a cool photo shoot :)
Barb the lady from the shop thinks they were once wedding shoes. I used my Gran's pearls in this photo and some vintage gloves, along with a rose from the beautiful roses DH gave me for our anniversary.

More of the beautiful booth, filled from floor to ceiling and everywhere in between. I felt like I was in heaven and an hour later realized I had lost my husband. 
He was out in the car, poor guy is so patient but he hates old stuff.

Barb also has some painted items in her booth, shabby chic style. This was her mother's dresser. My grandma had one just like it but the mirror was rectangle.

Lot's of beautiful old bit's and pieces around. I wish I had gone back and looked over the place again, I just didn't want to bother my hubby. I am sure I will go again, and soon.

I did purchase some hankies, lace, two really sweet little books, and a little cake tray, no photos yet.

I just LOVE these old windows and think one of them would look perfect in my hallway, but not sure if they will be there when I get to return. 

That was my first stop and I think I was there a couple of hours.
After that we went to a beautiful garden centre that we like on the same road, and popped in another antique shop. It was a real let down after visiting "The Queen's Antiques".

We had lunch and walked downtown Niagara on the Lake for a short time. It was so hot and I felt faint so we decided to leave the Butterfly conservatory for another day.

I can't wait to get back there, I will let hubby go off to the garden centre while I look around. So if you are ever planning on a trip to Niagara on the Lake you may want to check out this shop. The photos don't even begin to show what they have.

More photos soon, bye for now,