Monday, June 6, 2011

Matchbox Swap with Tina

I was so happy when Tina @Tiny Bear asked if I would like to do a Matchbox Swap with her, I had never done one before so I thought it would be fun to try.
I had seen her do a swap on her blog and had missed the swap, so she kindly offered to do a one on one with me. I prefer that anyway :)

Look at how she presented everything, even the dominoes are tied together.
We both like Vintage, Flea Market style and neutral tones, so that is what we decided on for our swap and to also send a handmade card. You can see how much Tina fit in this box, which is a good size match box, love the trim and lace, sweet little buttons and I just adore pearls. Love the little glass bottle she put them in :)

A close up of the beautiful card
Here is everything all together, just look at the lovely Vintage box she designed.

Now you can see other things in the box, old snapshots, a tiny fan, a tiny cookie mold, flowers, leaves, a doily and game pieces ooouuuu la la :)

Here is everything all together 
This is a close up of the front on the box, Tina hand stitched the children on to cheesecloth over a lovely doily, and texted paper is beneath it. Just lovely isn't it?
I think a lot of you know Tina, but if not, you are missing out on a beautiful blog, this lady lives in Denmark, she is very talented, creates lot's of mixed media and is also a very talented Teddy Bear artist, of Tiny Bear's, hence the name.

Thank you Tina for everything, I really enjoyed our swap and would gladly do something else with you:)

Close up shot of the beautiful box, love the kids stitched on the front :) 
For some reason I only took a few photos of the box I made for Tina, but I am sure she will have more on her blog. I totally forgot to take photos of what I put in the box. As you may notice is is stuffed full to the brim.
This is one side view, I used bits of tea dyed fabric pieces, cut doily and lace, and topped it off with this vintage look flower.

This photo shows the other side, and ohhhh you can see some of what is stuffed in there :)
You know, I can't remember everything now. Serves me right for forgetting the photos.

I did a stupid thing really, but it was my first altered match box.
I glued paper around the inside of the box, but on the outer part of it and it made it a bit hard to slide it in and out. I will know better next time.

This was fun, hope you enjoyed the pictures.
Thank you for your lovely comments on my Color Drop Flowers , I still have some blog visits to day but wanted to post this now. Tomorrow, June 7th is our 31st Wedding Anniversary and we are going to Niagara on the Lake for the day. Hoping it won't be too hot, we have suddenly gone into air conditioning mode here.

I share my anniversary with blogger friend Sue from My Art's Desire. We actually got married the same date in 1980 , how cool is that?

Take care my friends, until next time,