Thursday, February 3, 2011

Learn Textures in Ten Minutes

I am just popping in to share something with those of you who use PSE or Photoshop and want to learn how to use textures.

Kim Klassen has a free video lesson for you right now on her blog , and she will show you how to add textures and play with them to digitally alter your photographs.

It's fun and can be very addicting .

Ready to get started?

My photo in this post is processed with one of Kim's textures.

On another note
I just noticed I am at 400 followers... WOW... are there really that many?
This could be cause to celebrate :)
I will be back soon with a giveaway, I just lost a whole week due to some very severe pain, only to find out I have a hernia, and my gallbladder is inflamed. I will know more when I see the surgeon on Monday. The joy of growing older, in some ways it's great and others not.

Take care, be back soon,