Sunday, December 19, 2010

Have a beautiful Christmas

I want to wish you all a love filled, joy filled, and healthy Christmas, I have so enjoyed this year with you all my blogging friends. I have learned a lot and am still learning a lot from you all, and have been inspired and felt loved too. Thank you so very much.
I decorated in whites and gold in the front room, and then in burgundy and gold in our family room where I sit a lot on these latest cold days. It's just so cozy here with the fire on. We have not had much snow yet but it is very cold.

We had Christmas yesterday with my young nieces, the little artists I have posted about before, my mom and dad were here too and we had a lot of fun. The girls dressed up Cooper but it was hard keeping that hat on him, he just wasn't having it *giggle*

Next week on Christmas Day we will be doing it all over again with my DH's family, so I am going to try and take it easy this week. Although I love it all, it knocks me out, even if it's family and friends visiting I still get flustered and try to do too much.

I will see you all again in 2011... wow, doesn't that sound strange?
My DH is taking some holidays now, and will get back to work after the New Year, so we want to spend more time together :)

Take care all, and enjoy the holidays