Friday, December 3, 2010

Handmade Christmas Week 3

Happy December to you all

Last week I was inspired by a little tutorial on Skip to my Lou to create some little sachets with vintage hankies.
I thought I had a lot more in my stash than I did, so I will be looking for more as soon as I can get out of the house. At the moment my face is swollen from some dental surgery this week and I don't feel well enough to go out, but am dying to get to the thrift shop to see if I can find more.

I put my own spin on the hanging sachet here, which is filled with rose petals. I love how it turned out, and am working on some more for little gifts for Christmas for the ladies on my list.

Some dainty hankies all in white, which I personally like plain and simple but I still may add something to them.

I was going through my cupboard and found an old salt shaker filled with lavendar (which I am allergic to)
This allergy only started a few years ago, I love lavendar, used to grow it all the time in my garden, then one day while sniffing it my throat started to tighten and I couldn't swallow. It wore off but since then when I am around it I get this funny feeling in my throat.

It didn't seem too bad in the salt shaker so I thought I would decorate it a bit and I think it would look nice in someone's bathroom don't you? Just not mine :)

The last few weeks I have been creating pages on Squidoo to raise money for charity.

All royalties from clicks on the page ( if I get any) will be going directly to the
"Save The Children Foundation" all year long, and you can also make a direct donation from my pages. I have 6 in total now.

I have made a page called "A Handmade Christmas 2010" which has now been featured in the Holiday Gift Guide. I am proud of this because there are thousands upon thousands of other lenses to chose from. Please, if you have a few minutes come visit me there, give my page a thumbs up if you like it or leave a comment. You might be inspired by my page to make some of your own handmade gifts too.

Below is my first fabric flower using the candle method to crinkle the edges. I looked at so many you tube videos until I found one that wasn't annoying to watch and listen to. If you are interested, it is on my Handmade Christmas page. The first time I tried it I did burn the fabric, but you get used to it with practice, they are so pretty and will look lovely on gift wrapped parcels.
I know it seems like I have been really busy but this has been over a span of a week. Until next time, enjoy your creative days :)