Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Handmade Christmas Week 2

Here I am, and it's been so long. To be honest I havn't had much to share, I have been so busy decking the halls and Christmas shopping, and just with life in general.
I did make some little birds as I said I would, but only two because I lost interest. There is still time to make more anyway if I want to.

I drew my pattern then sewed them on muslin. Once the body was stuffed I stitched on the wings and then painted them. As you can see, one is gold... hmmmmmm not sure about him.

I think I like the white one more. They have different wing designs and the white one I used french knots for the eyes. I gave them a dusting of mica flakes too, can you see them. Click on the image for a close up.
If anyone is interested, I would be happy to scan my humble little pattern for you and post it on my blog. I have scanned the drawing of my skinny stockings too and will share that too. I also have a chubbier stocking pattern that I used before.

Do you remember Ms Pearl? I created her two Christmases ago and still love her, she goes perfect with my white and off white decor. Which I am almost done with and will take photos for my next post.
I wanted to make another snow lady, just havn't felt like being in the studio lately, and I have decided for the good of my sanity not to worry every time this happens and just do something else , whatever makes me feel good. Well , within reason LOL

Cooper wanted to say hi.....
Here is, my little teddy bear. This was before I cut his hair last week.

Here we are preparing for Christmas and all of my American friends are just having Thanksgiving tomorrow. I don't know how you do it, I am thankful that our Canadian Thanksgiving is in early October, I really am. Give us a break :)

I wish you all a wonderful, happy and healthy Thanksgiving, and could someone please tell me why Friday is called Black Friday. I know it's about big sales everywhere but where does the Black come from?

Until next time, hope it is sooner,