Friday, October 22, 2010

Tulips in the Fall... beautiful

Have you ever seen this variety of tulips? I hadn't, but when I did, I knew I had to treat myself to a bunch.

I take my mom grocery shopping now because my dad who has Parkinsons can no longer drive, and mom never did learn to drive. The grocery store she likes to shop at has the most amazing florist section and for some reason this was the first time I noticed.

I got them home, and was putting them in a vase when I broke two of them. Sooooo I put them in a little glass then later I felt like taking some photos of these beauties, so my wedding dress of 30 years came out of the closet. Look how pretty they look on the white organza with all the pearls.

I must add, that each and every pearl on my wedding gown was hand stitched. A friend of ours made my dress as a wedding gift. I chose a design and she did the rest. I do remember sitting down one day with her and sewing some pearls onto the lace, so I suppose I could say I had a part in putting it together :)

I had so much joy out of this bunch of tulips, which was under $10, and although it's not something I do for myself all the time, I really think it was worth the money.

What can you buy for that anyway? And they lasted over a week.

Why not treat yourself to some flowers this week?

They just bring something special into the home. I smiled each and every time I saw them :)

I just love the crinkled edges on this beautiful flower, this is my very first time seeing anything like it in a tulip.

I wonder if you can plant bulbs like this?

Probably, but I have nowhere to plant them yet, so I will have to wait.

A few days ago when I took mom shopping for her groceries, I looked again, but they were all out of tulips this time. I could have used some this week, it's been a crazy one.

I hope they bring you a little smile too :)

Have a great weekend,