Friday, April 23, 2010

Tussie Mussie and Good News

This is the tussie mussie I made for Debby. I used fabric to cover the cone, and I tea dyed doilies and trim to decorate it.
I really enjoyed putting this together, thing is, I forgot to take photos of everything else I included in the swap, but Debby has done a wonderful job of taking photos and posting them on her blog on this post at The Gathering Nest.

Now my good news. Our house SOLD last night... woohooooo...finally we can breathe better. We have two months before the new house will be ready to move in to, so it gives me just enough time to get packed and hopefully have some time to be more creative. It is so hard to be creative when you are stressed , and when people are constantly coming to view your house.

I am so happy, and so blessed to move into a new house which we got to customize a lot. All our married life (30 years in June) we have bought fixer uppers and then renovated ourselves and sold them to move up and up the housing ladder so to speak. Now, we are finally at our dream home :)

Here is a photo of my new studio, which I hope I get to spend lots and lots of time in when we move. I still don't have my muse back and it's been gone for a few weeks too, but I am not worried about it, I have done other things instead, and I know it will come back now. I will get more photos soon, probably going inside to view again on Sunday.

It's not the greatest looking room at the moment, and I still don't know what I will do with it, but I am loving the two large windows. It also has a walk in closet which we will put shelves in to store a lot of my "stuff" :)