Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Janee sent me a surprise :)

Janee from Blinkles Boulevard creates these charming little wish bottles and she sent me one, woo hooooooo, doing a happy dance :) It came in a little gold organza bag with the darling little certificate.

You can see below the instructions on how to use it....

Inside is a tiny bead charm, this is what I focus on when I make a wish...

She also sent me a beautiful hand made card.....

AND one of her miniature nests made from real acorns, look how delicate this is, hung on a golden wire with a tiny charm which says "dream"
(oops, sorry, it's turned the wrong way so you can't see the words)

I love all the tiny details and the hanger she created for it, and of course, if you know me I love anything to do with nature.

I am so happy with my surprise gift, I think these are the sweetest, most precious little gifts and I will treasure them always sweet lady, I know you have so much going on, so it was very very thoughtful of you to take the time for me :)

You can purchase from Janee at her Etsy shop too, and she also has her line of wish bottles in a private little boutique in her area, and if I remember correctly will do custom orders.

Thanks again my friend :)