Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year and Bliss

Angels seem to be in my life a lot lately, they are everywhere I look, everywhere I go, I have been drawn to them more than usual.
I don't believe anything is a coincidence, I believe things such as this are a touch of Grace, and there is a message somewhere in all of this, I just havn't figured it out yet.

For no reason at all a song came into my head today, one I had only heard a few times and it was a couple of years ago now, when I used to listen to a podcast by life coach Dawn Breslin. There was a new band called "Bliss" ,they were friends of hers , and she would play some of their songs during her podcasts as a moment to relax. So I found it on youtube and wanted to share this most beautiful song with you as we finish another year.

May you find a few minutes of bliss while you listen to it :)

Thank you all for another wonderful year of blogging, I have made some very beautiful friends this past year through my blog, you are all so kind and giving and I hope that 2010 will be your best year ever.

I know what I am going to spend my itunes gift cards on now :)