Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tags, tags and more tags

Seems I have made a lot of tags this week....

I am really ready for creating Christmas goodies now...

I made more of the little girl tags for my Etsy shop, which I reopened this week after letting it sit idle all summer.

I had fun making these tiny blue gift tags. The snow flakes are stickers with little jewels on them and they feel like a soft rubber, really nice quality.

And I have been playing a lot in my graphics program this week too.
I had my own website a few years ago, it was called Country Printables. I drew country characters in my graphic program at that time using the vector tool and I created and sold printables and web sets.

I thought you may like to meet some of my country friends :) Here they are saying hello .....

They all have full bodies, you just can't see them here.

I am not into the country graphics anymore, but I enjoyed creating these gift tags for Christmas printing.
This is a terrible photo, it was a rainy day and I tried taking the photo with a light shining on them LOL... didn't work too good.

I have a collage sheet of these in my Etsy shop now, thought I would see if people were interested in this type of thing. So many people just throw out the tags you put on gifts, so I thought why not be able to just print a bunch, cut them out and add some ribbon for those people, just quick and easy.

I enjoyed playing in Paint Shop Pro again so much, I am thinking I will make some more collage sheets, I gave up graphics to have time for my crafts, like sewing and knitting at the time, then just over a year ago I got into Mixed Media, now I realize how much I miss it, but I always have it to go back to whenever I feel the need :)

Have a great weekend all , see you soon,