Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sweet Angel Ornament

I had a few hours to myself one day this week and sat down to make a this sweet hanging ornament. It is now on it's way to a friend, but I can't say who it is because it is a surprise :)

This is half of one of those plastic thingies used for ornaments, in a lovely tear drop shape. I used this sweet little boy Angel in front of a tiny Christmas tree. I don't know if you can see without clicking on the photo, but I added tiny sleigh bells and beads to the tree and a tiny glittered star to the top. Then I attached a tiny little charm which says "Believe".

The Angel is standing in the snow. I used Santa's hair again and glued some Mika Flakes and pearls to it. Oh, I forgot, there is a tiny little bird hiding in the tree too :) It was really fun to make while listening to Christmas music.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for my father in law, he is still the the same, not worse, so we are hoping he makes it through the holidays :) On a good note, we are almost sure we have the house now, we will know on Monday.

To my American friends, I hope you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving :)