Thursday, September 10, 2009

Winding down the summer garden

Summer is winding down here in S.Ontario, Canada, and it can be the most beautiful time of year. Pretty soon we will have Indian summer and all the leaves will change to beautiful shades of red and orange, but I have some of those shades already in my planters at my front door.

Each pot has two of these Kale's in there and they will last all winter. When the other plants fizzle out I will add some ornamental cabbage in there too, I have never tried these before so we will see how it goes.
I put these pots together a month ago because my summer flowers were just spent, and now I am ready for Fall :) Why didn't I think of doing this last year and before that?

Most of my plants are drying out or drying up and dying off right now, but my husbands pot of jalapeno's on the deck are still growing strong and producing lots of very hot peppers... ouch.
First time we tried them in a pot too and they did better this year than in the ground where they would have had too much rain anyway.

I found these little mushroom, toadstool type things growing under a bush in the damp ground this morning and they are so pretty. I can imagine little fairies playing there :)

Purple cone flowers or Echinacea are drying up now, but they are just as beautiful at this stage in my eyes, maybe even more so.
This one still has a bit of life in it....

Beautiful pink hydrangeas are drying up now too. I usually cut them around now and let them dry, then they change to a faded purplish shade. I just painted a black pot to white and they will be going in it this year.
Just look at the size of the Limelight Hydrangeas, they reach the top of the fence. They come later than my other hydrangeas and are still fresh, but slowly changing colors.

They start off a beautiful yellow color, then some pinkish hues appear as in the photo below, then they go pink and white, really beautiful, and very easy to grow.
Can you see the Cameleon growing below them? What beautiful shades they are right now, and they grow like weeds here.
I am very happy to see a second blooming on my rose bush, four beautiful pinks arrived this week and they have the most amazing scent.

I can't believe summer is winding down, but in a way I am happy because with these hot flashes I am going through it will be a blessing to have some cooler weather. Won't stop the heat from inside me but at least you can go outside and feel a little better, I get so tired of being inside with the air conditioning on.
I also can't believe I havn't posted in a week. I have no creations to show you because what I am working on are for gifts so I can't show, and I had such a busy week last week that I didn't get a whole lot done. I hope you all had a great week, and I hope to visit you soon :)