Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Journal Page #2

I am so excited about this class, I am learning so much and really going outside my box, especially with this page. She was a sketch in my cheap sketch pad and then ripped out and glued to the journal. She is then covered in gesso so you will see a lot a lot of texture on her face.
If you click on the photos you will see close ups and what I mean.

I have used a lot of other texture effects on the page too, and yes, her eyes and lips are metalic purple :)

I felt a spiritual connection to this girl somehow so I decided to stitch the little cross to her collar, which is a piece from an old crocheted doily.

I am very pleased with the outcome, infact I love her. I don't often say that about my work but I do :) I wasn't, and still am not sure about the stars, I could go over them later or add something else too, that's the fun part to keep adding more and more.

There is another technique to try using all one color, so I may do that next, but Suzi is posting this week's class this afternoon and we are going to be doing a portrait on wood, so you never know, I may do that first. Should be interesting :)

Thank you all for your comments on my first journal page, and I am happy you all enjoyed Coopers post below, he brings joy into my life every single day :)

Have a very creative day,