Thursday, May 21, 2009

Theme Thursday Numbers

The challenge prompt for Theme Thursday this week is "numbers". I made this ATC using a collage sheet from Digital Collage Sheets.
The background is a bingo card repro' but I took another piece from the sheet and covered the words to leave only numbers showing. I Then made a black border with a chalk crayon and shaded with grey and black chalk crayon. Then I added the tiny little pearl to her hat.
This ATC and the one I posted yesterday called "Vintage" are both up for trade, so let me know if you are interested by leaving a comment here, and I will reply to your post by email unless you have a no reply blog. Or you can contact me at hercreativespirit at . I now figured out that I can have that mail forwarded to my Outlook, yippeeee... love my Outlook, but IE is giving me so many problems lately, it won't even let me open some of your blogs :(
Now I really have to think about Firefox instead, or can I use both, does anyone know?
Have a great day, I have been without power from 9am until just after 1pm today and it was terrible LOL, it is amazing how much we depend on electricity. I do anyway, I was having coffee withdrawal , couldn't blow dry my hair, couldn't use the toaster either, or the computer, the printer, my glue gun, my heat gun. Then I thought ok, I will get on the treadmill, (I started back at it yesterday after bringing my shorts out of hibernation) well ..... duhhhhh. You need electricty Lynn. I don't even know how to open the garage door manually LOL... Oh and another thing, our phones don't work either when the power is off, good thing I have a cell phone because I had to make an important call. Time to change the phone company I think. See how spoiled we are, or lucky. I am SO grateful for electricity :)