Friday, February 27, 2009

Pretty, pretty Fairy

I just love this pretty fairy and wanted to play with her for a long time. My friend Jill from the Etsy Cottage Style community and I are doing a trade, and this is what she wanted, something pretty with a Fairy to hang on her wall. After I showed her this fairy, she couldn't believe that she had lilly of the valley around her neck, she said it is her favorite flower of all, so I was thrilled to have chosen just the right fairy for this little wall hanging.
The background is done a flat canvas painted in a soft pink and then I used natural paper for texture, which is one of my favorite backgrounds to work with. I used a piece from a vintage doily and added a few crystals to make it more feminine. The fairy is from my own collection , the crown was added to her because she just looked like a princess fairy to me.
Look below at what Jil is making me, two beautiful Cottage Style hanger covers for my guest bedroom. She makes beautiful shabby cottage style creations, and you can find her on Etsy at

I still have tons and tons of these pretty fabrics but no desire to sew anything at the moment , and to be honest I am not the best at sewing, I just wing it mostly, so I love to have something that is handmade from someone else.

Have a great weekend!