Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas is coming.....

Another altered kraft jewelry box for a friend who came for dinner last night with her hubby. I put two ATC's in the box and they fit perfect side by side :)

I just love this vintage image of this beautiful child walking in the snow, and I finally got to use her. I made a matching gift card to go with this but I don't seem to have a photo to share.

More holiday works :) Two ATC's I made for a swap at ECS. I think I am using this gold leaf pen a bit too much now, *giggle*, but it's been great for Christmas pieces and I do love the look of it.

I do have a silver leaf pen too just havn't used it as much but it looks lovely on this gift tag where I used one of my favorite vintage Angels. Every single year, I say, "I will start my Christmas arts and crafts earlier next year", but do I?

Nooooooo, and I wish I had, I really enjoy working on Christmas themes, I just love Victorian Vintage, as you must have noticed by now :)

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