Monday, April 16, 2012

Listen .....

I know... it's been a while

I am still around, just taking time to myself, going with the flow, no pressure.

We did have a very short but beautiful visit to Florida in February.

Ohhhhh... to walk on the beach......

It was very spiritual to me, just heavenly, and I have been smitten ever since. I keep dreaming about a Beach Cottage , sitting on a porch reading, taking long walks on the beach.

A girl can dream right?

You should see my Pinterest board all about Beach living, it's beautiful. In the meantime what I can do is turn my Cottage bedroom into a Beach cottage bedroom, should satisfy me for a while.

I took so many photos of these huge shells, they were all along the beach at St. Petes.

Just look at the texture inside. They are lovely on the outside too, but this is how you usually find them, heart shaped. Just beautiful.

Other than that, I have been trying to get my life in order, my home too, but that is never ending. I am busy with my mom and dad, both are in their late 70's. We have been painting and fixing things at their house. They were going to move to a bungalow which would be safer for Dad. He has Parkinsons and is often quite weak and wobbly, but he is doing pretty good, and has quite a positive outlook about his disease. I am the driver to appointments, groceries etc , because neither can drive anymore.
The bungalow is on hold for now, maybe another year. So hopefully dad will be ok. My DH and his brother are going to put in a walk in shower in the meantime.

What else? Enjoying my camera, playing with textures. Here is one of my latest whimsical shots, processed with textures by Kim Klassen.
I used some dried moss and faux eggs for this one, and used one of my have' quotes.

I have not been in any sort of artsy mood since I last posted , yes I have dabbled, played a bit, sketched, but nothing much really. The difference is, this time I didn't get upset as if I had lost my artistic muse. I just let it go and got creative in other ways. I also took some time to read, which I really should allow myself to do more.

Ok, this is getting long.... although I don't really like talking about myself , I can get a bit chatty sometimes.

I may be changing up this blog a bit, to include other interests beside mixed media art and crafty adventures. I was thinking of retiring this blog and starting a new one, then I changed my mind, so if you will,  please all be patient with me, I feel a lot of changes going on in myself lately. Good ones too :)

Will write more in a couple of days...
Hope you are all well,