Sunday, April 3, 2011

Everything keeps coming up Purple

 Hi my blogger friends, WOW, thank you for all the lovely comments on my Studio, I am loving it !!!
Oh and yes, Cooper does think the chair is his, but he loves it in here and now he stays with me and that is what I wanted.

This past week my DH brought home for me, a bunch of purple tulips and a bunch of pink tulips, and ever since then I keep seeing purple in my photographs, so I thought I would make a couple of mosaics to share with you.

All except the first photo of the the tulips in the jug were taken on the round table in my studio. So this room also serves as a place to shoot photos :)

 I took hundreds of photos last week of the purple tulips and also the pink.

The photo with the Bible is dedicated to my Grandmother, we called her Gran and I have written about here before. She gave me the lovely white Bible when I was young, and when she passed away I was given her little silver cross. The vintage gloves just reminded me of her. She was a creative soul too, I remember her making Easter bonnets for competitions through her social club :)
I even saw a lot of mauve shades in the journal page I painted and sort of finished. No journalling in words yet, and I am not showing you a close up because I am not really happy with my fairy, the face that is. I found her too small to work with, also, I have not painted a face in a very long time.
This was a little worksop run by Monica at Hands and Heart
Monica has some lovely workshops and also lot's of free mixed media workshops, you really should check her site out, you never know what you may find :)

So this photo I am showing you the close up. This is a craft project I came up with for a new page I published, A Handmade Easter on Squidoo. It is a pretty napkin ring, made from a toilet tissue roll, and I whipped this one up in less than 5 mins.

You can find the instructions on my page along with the cone for candy treats in the first mosaic, which is a lovely idea to add to your table for dinner. I have featured some lovely Spring projects, so even if you do not celebrate Easter there is still something their for everyone.

I also received 2 Purple Stars for my pages on Squidoo this past week. This is the best award you can receive so I feel very proud about this and I hope you don't mind me bragging :)

 Now I have 3 Purple Star Awards :)

One of the awards was for A Handmade Easter and then... then... I was nominated for Lens of the Day...WOW.. I feel very special this week and have had so many comments and visits, I am overwhelmed by the wonderful people in the Squidoo community.

I LOVE writing about Handmade on Squidoo, I love the people there, and I have learned so much more about social networking. It is something I enjoy very much. Problem is, I enjoy so many things, I can't do them all at once LOL.

I have had so much fun wit these tulips, this photo is on my wedding dress with a pretty vintage hankie.

I hope the colours of purple and flowers will give you inspiration and make you feel more like Spring is coming. I think it will be here very soon, we have had some beautiful sunshine.

BTW, you should see my studio right now. Disaster, while I work on another project. Yet having a smaller space to work on is great, because I do clean up before I start another project :)

Happy Sunday,

I make my mosaics at Big Huge Labs, it is so fast and easy.