Friday, October 1, 2010

Playing with Pumpkins

October is a time for pumpkins, cooler temperatures, change of season, and for Canadians, our Thanksgiving, which is only two weeks away.

Last Sunday we were at a garden center and I picked up a bunch of small white gourds and a nice white pumpkin to decorate my dining room. I also found the really interesting brown pumpkin at Home Sense and fell in love with it. I never dreamed I would be into brown , but I love it with the whites and off whites, so I am going with it.

I have also been playing with the pumpkins to use in my digital art work.

There are two different looks here, both achieved using textures from Kim Klassen Cafe
Are you one of those people who would love to try PSE but have no idea where to start? Kim is now offering a Skinny-mini ecourse to get you going and it's FREE... You can read the details here. If you love Kim's textures and know a bit more you may be interested in the new group she is starting on Monday called The Test Kitchen, and there is still a chance to get in at a pre opening price. I have signed up, so who knows, maybe I will see you there :)

I feel a big shift in my creative spirit lately, actually just over the past two weeks. All I want to create right now is digital art and so I am going with it, this is where my spirit is guiding me, so why not?
I have tried painting , collage, sewing and I just can't focus, and to be honest it has had me quite down. I know you know what I mean, I think we all go through it sometimes.

Well...... it's time to change my mood, go with the flow and enjoy what I can focus on.

Happy Weekend,