Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Where the purple thistles grow

This is where I live , by lake Ontario, where the purple thistles grow.

I can see the lake from my bedroom window, kitchen window and the end of my driveway, it's only about 500meters away, but to get to the Marina is about an 8 min walk. I don't know why, but it just is a thrill each day to see the blue water, wonder what it will look like in winter, and what about the empty space in the back of us, maybe a new home there will block this view.

We live beside a natural conservation area, no cutting of grass or wildflowers , and you know I love wild flowers. The thistles grow every where there but I found some that were still nice and bright looking along the rock edge.

I think this is the one I used to create the digital piece at the beginning of this post.
I have been refreshing myself with PSE8 again after a long break, because we are still in yet another heat wave and I can't stand to be in my studio. Even with air conditioning it is the hottest room in the house.

I had fun snapping dried up dying off wild flowers , yet at the same time I was disappointed there were none left to pick for my flower press.
I am by no means a photographer but I am thinking more and more it may be something I would like to learn more about because I love taking photos of plants, flowers etc.

Below is what a lot of the conservation area looks like. You won't get me walking through there I tell you, I bet it is full of skunks.

There are two natural beaches that are not sand, but teeny tiny pebbles all broken up and the beaches are not really maintained like a beach you might find in Florida. They have a pet beach and then the larger one for people. I forgot to take photos of that.

My DH snapped this weird looking plant, I have no idea what it is but it reminds me of when cucumbers are starting to grow.

Cooper wasn't too happy there, and he could care less about the pet beach, he just wanted to go home. I think it was too hot, we didn't stay long anyway.

I think this is a large size Queen Anne's Lace drying up.

Another area on the walk back.

"At last" he thinks, "I am home" :)

Cooper wanted to let you know he is a big boy now, today is his 2nd birthday :)
Happy Birthday my precious little man,
Love, Mom xxx

I have some beef for you tonight.