Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I am so proud of them

My two younger nieces ages 11 and 13 in two weeks were here again for an art day and I am sooooooo proud of them I just had to share their paintings with you :)

They saw my practice drawings for my class with Suzi Blu and Emma asked if I would show them how to draw faces. The younger one Sophie, kept saying she was no good at faces, I can't do this etc etc, and I told her if you think that way, then you won't be able to draw, just tell yourself you can do it.
She did, and look what she created after she stopped her negative thinking. Can you believe this is her first painting? Inspired by Ms Suzi Blu of course.

What if she had just given up like she wanted to? Kids with no art training tend to draw the eyes very far apart anyway so these Petit Dolls are perfect for them.

After a few faces I gave them both a huge sheet of watercolor paper and my Caran D'ache Watersoluble crayons, but Sophie found them too soft looking so she went over them with folk art paint, and when it was dry we used rub on butterflies.

Ohhhhhh she was so proud of herself and kept saying "I can't believe I made this".

Emma liked a doll I had drawn and cut out of card, so she drew around the outline and filled in the rest herself. The face, the hair line is all hers. She on the other hand loved the soft colors of the oil pastels. The bottom of the dress is actually a lime green , too much flash I suppose, it was dark when we finished.

I did nothing but add the rub on's because they were afraid to ruin it all.
The cute thing too was, after this was all done and they had to leave they told me they had been talking while I was downstairs and both thought being in my studio made it easier. I think they meant they were inspired by all my supplies and my art work etc.

If you missed it, go here for the last art day we had together.
I don't get to see them much anymore , but when they can, they do still love to come and stay, and play art with me :)

Hope you had a great weekend, it feels like Monday to me because of the holiday yesterday.