Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Beyond Question

Digital collage using several photos, and stamps and overlays from Designer Digitals. Thank you to my special, and very talented friend Linda Vincent for your help using the worn photo edges.
The butterfly was taken at Niagara's Butterfly Conservatory when it landed on my shoulder, my hubby got a great photo of this beautiful creature.

It's good to be back to blogland with you all, after a month of no posts. We moved into our beautiful new home exactly 2 weeks ago today and have been going non stop ever since. There are still a lot of unfinished jobs to be done by various contractors, and the first week it seemed the house was full of people all the time, but now it's slowed down a bit. Cooper has settled in really well, he has lot's of space to run around in and he has a field for a back yard , well it looks like a field to him 'cause he is so small.

I will have some photos to share soon, just wanted to check in , and I notice I am at 299 followers today. WOW... I am so grateful. I think we need to have a giveaway or something to celebrate don't you? Let me see what I can do, and I will be back soon.

If you are having the extreme heat we are having here in S.Ontario, be careful, and stay cool. I love the summer but this is a bit much, it's unbearable sometimes with the humidity.

My new studio is not all organized yet, but I am hoping soon to be able to create again, I really have missed it.