Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Swap with my Blue Eyed Girl :)

Ooooooo lookie what arrived yesterday in the mail :)
This is a beautiful, beautiful wet felted and needle felted piece of art created by Linda as part of our swap. Click on the photo to see all the gorgeous detail, she has used gold threads and beads in there too and written a lovely poem in gold pen.
You know what I just noticed? Linda, the sneak posted her felt art on her blog before leaving for Greece , and I had NO clue that it was on it's way to me, but I just realized that I have taken my photo upside down to the way your's is Linda, hope that's ok LOL... Looks great either way I think :)

She has also sent me this ATC which is full of layers and texture, just what I love.

And that's not it, look at this lot for my stash :)
Vintage doily and bits of gorgeous laces and trims, fibers, gold leaf flakes, a really nice key, bits of papers and a wooden house that her husband cut for her. Can't wait to use that :)
Can you also see the little cherubs?
Here is a close up of them, they are so tiny and Linda made them herself from a mold, perfect little embellishment for art work.
I would never have met Linda if I had not started doing the Awfully Big Art Adventure challenges, and I love how you meet someone online then find out all these similarities in your life and things you like , and then become friends. I am so blessed to have a friend like her, thank you again Linda from Blue Eyed Girl , I love everything :)