Friday, October 23, 2009

Swap gifts and a little guessing game

I have to show you the card first, isn't it gorgeous? At first it didn't kick in, me and my cotton brain LOL, there were pictures of this sweet girl all over the envelope , then the card , and then it hit me...... duhhhhhh.. is this the canvas?
Yes it certainly is, and Terri, I am sooooo in love with her, and all you have done to this canvas. She is beautiful!!!!!! Please click on the photo to see a close up, there is so much lovely texture in this piece and detail, I couldn't be happier :)

Terri from Blooming Ideas, and I, did a one on one swap and my parcel arrived .. oh about 15 mins ago. I had to take photos right away and surprise Terri by posting it, what a great way to end this wet and soggy week.

That's not all either, we also made each other a tag and Ooo la la is right, just look at it. This is gorgeous , thank you for a wonderful swap sweetie, everything is Ooo la la :)

I still can't stop looking at them :)
You can see what I sent Terri in the post below this one if you like. Both the canvas and the tag were really fun.

I was just about to post something I have been experimenting with this week when the mail came, so I will show you next time. It's something I have never done before.....hmmmmmm

Can you guess what it is?
First one to guess what it is will receive a little surprise from me :) Just let me know in your comment what you think it is. I hope I didn't make it too easy........

If you are wrong I will leave a comment too and let you know, then you can try again, let's have a bit of fun :)
Thanks for dropping by, Lynn

Ok, my daughter his home tonight and I asked her to guess, then when I showed her what it is she said that is too hard mom, so here is another photo for ya :)
I made a bunch of these this week, and I made them by recycling something.

You don't have to guess what I made it with or how I got to the end result, but guess what it is ...

We have a winner.......... Sarah guessed right after trying so hard :)