Wednesday, September 30, 2009

You never know when tragedy will strike

Yesterday my long time online friend Terry received some terrible news. Her husband was run over by a bulldozer at work and it pinned down his right leg. He had to have it cut off below the knee and is scheduled for a second surgery today too. That's all I know so far , I only hope he can heal and get well again. It's not just a physical tragedy, a very emotional and mental one too.

I am in shock, I have known Terry for years, and we email each other every day with a few words. She and her husband have two young children too who must be so devastated.

Please if you can, send prayers and good thoughts to Terry's husband John and their family, and if you would like to help out even more, our mutual friend Laurie is asking for our help making quilt squares so that she may put together a quilt of love and comfort for the family. She is even offering a giveaway if you get involved, which is the huge jelly roll of fabric you see in this post. I also will be keeping it in my side bar, just click on the link there to go find out all the information.

Terry and Laurie are quilters, and two of the most sweetest and kindest women I have ever met. I think this is a wonderful idea Laurie has , so if you think you can be involved somehow it would be lovely.

Terry has made quilts for project Linus, for the tragedy in Australia when they had the bush fires and for many other good causes, she is very giving and never asks for anything. You can visit her blog at Terry's Treasures and Lauries blog at A Yankee Quilter.

Thank you,