Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Microwave Flower Press Part Two

Look what I found when I went outside this morning. It bloomed last week after the others had already dried up and I thought for sure it would have started drying too by now, but it is still very fresh.
So I plucked the poor thing to test my Micro Flower Press because Kelly was wondering how hydrangeas or roses would dry.
I have the small size Micro press and I thought of putting the whole thing it but it didn't want to squash down, so I plucked a piece off of this pretty fleur.

Below is the before and after.......

The pink seems to dry a pretty purple color and it's not bad, but I may take some smaller cuttings and try it again. It was a bit tricky to get the petals to lay flat. You will have to look at the close up to get a better idea of what I mean.

Now I will show you how my pink hydrangeas dried out this year......
This was a black pot I found at a thrift store, it's an iron pot and I spray painted it heirloom white. See how beautiful they dry, and I just let them dry right in the pot.

You can see some dried roses beside the pot too, I just took them out of an old dusty arrangement I had made 2 years ago and they are still going strong. I havn't decided what to do with them yet, maybe tie a nice ribbon around them and leave them laying on the table? Any ideas?
Something just came to me :) I have a huge bush of Limelight Hydrangea. They bloom a gorgeous yellow, then turn to a green and yellow hue, then some of the petals turn pale pink.

I am off outside to cut one, be right back..........

10 mins later, cut and dried, here is the before photo of this beautiful flower. Thank goodness for digital cameras, what did we do without them?

Here they are dried along with a few dogwood leaves :) Now these, I do like, so guess what I will be doing all day? When dried they don't seem to change color a lot, they still have a pinkish hue to them, just so pretty if you could see them in person. They are almost transparent.
Click on the photo for a close up

Ok ladies, that concludes my experiment for this morning, and I just wanted to say if you missed my post yesterday and havn't a clue what I am talking about, go check it out.
Have a great day, and do something fun :)