Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Cooper

Happy 1st birthday to our precious Cooper :) Look how tiny he was when we brought him home last October 26th, at only 2lbs 6oz. The vet gave him a scarf for Halloween, but he didn't keep it on very long.We had just lost our dear sweet Andy an 85lb Golden Retriever in the summer and I knew he could never be replaced but this little guy just won my heart right from the start. I wanted a small dog and one that didn't shed like Andy did, so I looked for a mixed breed. Cooper is part Maltese and part Yorkie.

Wasn't long before he started growing, and growing and growing..........

He was only supposed to grow to 6lbs... yeah right, he just kept on growing........ You never know when you have a mixed breed do you?
If you click on the photo below you can see his first missing teeth, I tried so hard to get this shot of him showing inside his mouth LOL. We never did find those tiny teeth.

By Christmas he was getting even bigger.......

He is now 15lbs , full of energy and just the sweetest little guy, he reminds me a lot of Andy, they have the same temperament. He loves everyone, even likes cats , loves to play with children, yet he is also very relaxed and allows me time to create. He knows now when we go in mom's room it's quiet time, and I just love having him with me.

I'm all grown up now Mom :)
I hope so Cooper, Happy Birthday, we love you :)
Happy September too, can you believe it? Where did the summer go to?