Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gifts from Pringle Hill Studio, and a Sketch

One of my favorite artists is my friend Terri from Pringle Hill Studio, I just love her style, it is so unique, and such a lot of fun, so detailed and so very creative. I think she has a style all of her own, you rock Terri !
Two beautiful ATC's and these gorgeous postcards arrived in the mail last week for my birthday, yet I have been so obsessed with sketching I am just finding time to share these with you now. Thank you so much again Terri :)
I say obsessed with sketching because I have been having a really hard time with it, so I have been drawing every day for hours, or trying LOL. You know that old saying, practice makes perfect? Well we will have to see about that one.
I am taking the new class at Suzi Blu's and the shading of faces, for me, does not come naturally. We are drawing stylized faces rather than realistic but they do have some realistic features. I am having the worst time with noses...... ooooo it is hard for me, but I keep trying and I finally have one sketch that is decent enough to show you.
This week we are drawing in a Moleskine sketch book and starting to use color on our faces with crayons. This is my first Moleskine and the sketch book only about 5x8 inches is a heavy cream colored paper and just beautiful to work in. It is such a lot of fun to sit and color, I just LOVE coloring with crayons, I used to sit for hours with my daughter when she was young and then my nieces with coloring books :)

So there she is. I still have a long, long way to go but the fun is in the learning, so I am going to keep on at it, practice as much as I can :)