Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Two more bookmarks I made last week. This time I printed some sheet music onto a very light muslin I had kicking around for the back of them. One of these is in my Etsy shop.
I took the photos on this really beautiful vintage finger tip towel I found at the flea market. I told myself I was going to stop buying the vintage linens unless they are useful in art work like the ones with stains and holes in them, but this just spoke to me. It is a really pretty soft peachy pink with beautiful hand embroidery, just love it!

I had an exciting Monday morning. I recieved not one but two emails telling me I had won giveaways... woohooooooo... I think in the last two years I have won two in total so I am very happy. I will post pictures when they arrive :)

I have been two days without my muse , everything I wanted to do was just not coming to me, so I gave up. I am going back in my craft room in a few minutes and tidy it up a bit, sometimes that helps get you in the mood to do something. Hope you still have yours, guess mine just needed a time out :)

Thank you to the girls who told me about Firefox. I knew of it but was afraid to change, but you made me feel better about it. Well, I am very happy with it and I can still use my Outlook at the same time. I find the websites are faster now and blogs too, and I have had no more problems with opening blogs either. Thanks again girls :)

This is my 96th post so I am thinking by next week I will hit 100...... time for another giveaway me thinks, so I had better get my muse back and make something for ya *wink*

Thanks for visiting,