Thursday, May 7, 2009

Beautiful Dreamer, Altered Wooden Block

Aha, I just came up with that name "Beautiful Dreamer" the minute I uploaded the photos, so I am going with it :)
Another altered block, maybe I will do a series of beautiful vintage girls because I love them. The vintage girls, and the blocks that is. This time I used a block of wood rather than a canvas. I have forgotten the size and am too tired to go upstairs and measure it, but it's around 6 inch tall.
The block is all fancied up on the back too, I used this old heart I have had in my stash for ages to finish it off and make it look romantic and dreamy. I think it would be perfect on a shelf with a small mirror behind it, maybe something ornate and vintage.
I added a lot of texture to the block with papers and gel medium and then gesso before I painted it, and I use gel medium for the doilies too, it's awesome, you could probably never get that doily off.

The beautiful girl is a Paper Whimsy image, and I just felt like adding a touch of lace in the frame. I didn't want it any fussier than it was but it needed something.

I did finish up one more thing today which I will post when I get photos of it. I was gardening all day yesterday so it was nice to give my back a break and finish off a couple of projects. Hope you are having a great day, and don't forget to sign up for my giveaway in the post below:)