Monday, May 11, 2009

Altered Journal Scrapbook and last chance for my Giveaway

This is going to a friend :) It is a 6x6 altered journal/scrapbook. I loved this paper I came across because of the old text on the background so I did a gel skin of this beautiful little girl on the cover. There is a skeleton key and a blank tag attached to the ribbon that holds it together, this way she can add her name to it or a sentiment depending on what she is going to use the book for.

I havn't posted in almost a week because I am still not well. I think it's a virus but I am not really sure, sore throat and extreme fatigue. Since it has hung on for two weeks now I think I should get checked for strep throat so am going to the doctor tomorrow. I rarely get anything like this, I am always healthy , and I havn't taken antibiotics in over 10 years, so that's why I was kind of waiting it out. Soooooo I have not been in a creative mood, I finished this journal last week and it's the last thing I have made. I havn't felt much like blogging either, or even being online, but I have tried to visit as many of you as possible when I have had a chance.

So today my husband "MADE" me go out, he said it would do me good, that I am in the house far too much. He is right though, I havn't gone out in weeks except to the P.O, he picks up most of the groceries , there are only two of us, so why would I want to go out? He took a few hours off work and drove me too LOL... so I have come home with two new magazines (still looking for Sew Somerset, but can't get it anywhere), Cloth, Paper Scissors and Somerset Memories. I bought my first jar of modeling paste, picked us some canvases so I can do the workshop at Moss Hill Studio I signed up for weeks ago, oh yeah and then we went to Home Sense and I found shabby white frames I have been wanting and a huge plant pot with a topiary thing that attaches to it for my ivy. I have a beautiful ivy plant in my hall way and it is touching the floor, so I am hoping it will be happy when I re plant it and grow upwards for me :)

I would take a photo right now to show you, but I am just drained of energy, even after a coffee from Starbucks.

You still have a chance to sign up for my Giveaway which is two posts down my blog. I will be drawing the name tomorrow, in the late afternoon or evening. I had a thought...????? that's me thinking.... If you do not like blues as I used in the house, you may choose the heart shaped wooden piece in my Etsy shop which is in shades of browns. Ok?

I wish I had thought of this before.

I have lot's more I could talk about, but I won't right now, I will however leave you with this photo of Cooper's new best friend. Cooper incase you don't know is my 8 month old puppy, he is the black one, and the blondie is our next door neighbours new puppy and his name is Bolt. I took this two weekend ago and I cut my hubbies head off as much as I could because he was pulling faces. We were all outside gardening that day, the reason my husband has gloves on, he was moving black mulch around, so I tried getting a shot of the two new fur friends and this was the only one where they almost kept still.

Bolt named by my 4 year old neighbour from some kid's movie, is a Maltipoo, part Maltese and part Poodle, where Cooper is a Morkie, part Maltese and part Yorkie. You never really know what your dog will grow to be like though when they are mixed breeds, I was told my dog wouldn't grow to over 6lbs, well he is 12lbs now and still growing. Not that it matters to me, we love him SO much, he is my baby and he is such a good boy :)

Have a great evening, be back to draw names Tuesday.