Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pretty Paper Heart Challenge ~ Cracked

The challenge for this week at Pretty Paper Hearts Challenge site is "Cracked".

So I cracked the background, but I don't care much for it to be honest. I guess it's just not me :) I wanted to go along with the challenge so I will post this anyway, even if I don't like what I did. Things can't always be the way you want them right? I tried not to cover too much of the heart so you can see the cracks.
If you don't know how to crackle and want to try it, well it is so easy. Paint a layer of paint on some card or paper, and when it is totally dry, spread Elmers glue all over it, then while the glue is wet, add another layer of paint and dry with your blow dryer. It's fun to watch it crackle. I used an ivory paint and I think it's called Cinnamon that I put on top. Just the regular folk art paints I have had for years.

I have been tagged twice in the last two weeks, and again, I have to be honest and tell you , that I really don't feel comfortable doing tags, so I have decided to make my blog a "tag free zone". I hope I don't offend anyone, I am saying it with a smile :) I know my friends mean well, and I love ya'll , but, I just don't have the time or inclination for the tagging games.

So I have seen this button on a lot of blogs lately, it's like the "Blogging with no obligation" kinda thing, but I have lost the place I should be linking to. Anyone know?

Have a great weekend :)