Thursday, September 11, 2008

Taking Flight with Kelly Rae Roberts

I am sooooo excited about this amazing book which arrived just today in the mail. It was just released in Canada online at Chapters. I had pre ordered it and was thrilled when I got an email saying it was being shipped :)
I just love the art work of Kelly Rae Roberts after first seeing a featured article on this very soulful lady in Cloth , Paper, Scissors magazine, now I have this beautiful book to be inspired and to learn from.

I must tell you the colors of the book are beautiful, each page is beautifully designed and Kelly is also a great writer, she has chapters where she talks about letting go of our fears when it comes to art and other things to be inspired by. There are pages with beautiful quotes, and pages called "Winged Thoughts" where there are questions and spaces for us to write our answers. It is not any old work book to follow, even though the projects and photos of each step are very detailed, it is a book which helps you go inside to your creative spirit and learn a lot about yourself. My kind of book , that's for sure.

Kelly even has 5 other featured artist's in her book sharing their own techniques. WOW, this is a dream book for me and being who I am I feel it has come to me at the perfect time in my life, a time when I am growing so much spiritually and creatively.

I love the name of the book too "Taking Flight. Inspiration and techniques to give your Creative Spirit wings".

My first online class is starting on Monday too at Altered Diva's. I am taking her Painting Stylized Faces class and hope to learn a lot and create my very own character. I have never drawn freehand before. I have drawn in a graphics program in the past and did well at that, I have painted from patterns years ago in those country folk art painting books, but this is all so new and exciting to me. Man, life is good :)

I just had to blog about this amazing book right away because I have no one else that may even remotely be excited about it like I am. I showed my hubby tonight and he was " awww that's nice", know what I mean? He has always known me as creative too and is always proud of my work but he still doesn't get how much it really excites me to learn new things.

Thanks for listening, it is so hard to believe that in less than a year I have gone from stock piling shabby cottage style fabrics and chenille and sewing pretty things, to this mixed media and altered art, but hey, I am just going with my creative flow here :)

Have a great night, maybe an art filled night, and lest we not forget, let us all pray for the victims and families, and everyone affected by the 911 tragedy which happened this very day 7 years ago. My heart goes out to you all.

God bless.