Friday, July 30, 2010

Flower art continues

I think I like this version of my flower art the best. It is simple, on a white background, gold thread stitching with a touch of pesto around the edges.
Thank you Linda for the little pieces of eco art board, this is one of them :)

I am trying to be more creative with my photos, so here goes, they are looking a lot different on the computer than in person, much prettier in person.
I added some fiber "under" the tissue on some of these rather than on top, and it turned out not bad.

The lovely purple flowers are from my garden last year but I am really loving how the wildflowers look, especially clover and the wild chamomile. Don't think I will make any tea with it though, you never know what is on it with all the animals around here.

I forget what flower this is now, here is a close up. I believe it was an annual.

Look how pretty the pink clover is with the Queen Anne's lace.....

This is for you Patty, I found purple clover, only two, did you see it? Maybe it's not actually clover, but it looks like it to me. It didn't have the three leaf clover leaves like they usually do.

I think these are my favorite bookmarks so far, I added some goldish colored ribbon to them. The back of everything is plain white water color paper edged with the pesto ink pad too.

I found this card in my stash with an oval window in it, so I used some flower art and lace on this one.
I have been spending whatever free time I have working on these. First you have to glue the tissue and wax paper, then it has to dry for about 12 hours. I don't iron over them anymore, I havn't found any difference when I do that step, and I also use less glue than I did with the first ones I made. You just have to experiment to get the look you want.

It takes me ages too because even with a paper cutter I can never seem to get a straight line, can't seem to sew a straight line either and that metallic gold thread is a bit tricky to use on the machine, but I do like how it looks.