Thursday, July 22, 2010

Flower art and gifts from friends

I have been playing with my dried, pressed flowers again and I thought they would make for a lovely bookmark. I had fun with this one, stitching over the edges and adding bits of fiber. The close up gives you a better idea.

I then stitched one to a tea dyed piece of muslin and glued it to a mini notebook, this one has a more vintage feel to it.
I am off to glue some more today for new projects, I am still getting used to working in a different room and that room is so hot in the mornings I have to wait until later when the sun moves. Yes, we have the air conditioning on but it is still hot in there, I don't remember a summer this hot in a very long time.

I wanted to share with you some beautiful gifts bestowed upon me this past week for my birthday.
From my gorgeous girlfriend Linda (Blue Eyed Girl), I received the most spectacular ATC. You must click on photo to see the delicious detail, a specialty of the very talented Linda. She also sent me a beautiful mixed media tag and one of her tiny Lotus Books. Thank you Linda, I can't stop looking at your wonderful creations.

I also received this precious little fabric art from my sweet, and very talented friend Terri (Pringle Hill Studio). She is known for her bright colors, and very detailed collage art, and is now branching out and trying fiber art, so I feel blessed to have this, it is so me :)
Just look how sweet this heart is, so much detail again in such a small piece. It is now hanging in my studio where I can see it all the time, thank you so much Terri :)

My friend Terry (Terry's Treasures) has been sewing up some lovely tote bags lately, she is into quilting and stitching , and has made some amazing quilts. This sweet bag already holds some of my knitting. (Yes, I knit once in a while, but with the hot flashes and the humidity here, not much lately , I am sure some of you know how it is :)

Love this fabric and how it is white inside, thank you so much Terry :)

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Off to go upstairs now and play.........