Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cut, Dried, Pressed and Preserved

I was just heading upstairs to start packing up my studio, and remembered I had not posted this. I recently discovered a beautiful way to use my dried, pressed flowers. Take a lookie...
This is an altered mini notebook.

And this is a gift tag I created over some dictionary paper and card.
To see the details you really must click on the photos and view the close ups, they look so much better.

I was flipping through some older Somerset magazines and came across this method of preserving dried flowers. The lady in the article had found the instructions in an old boy scout book. Darned if I can find this magazine, maybe I packed it up already, but I am so excited to share with you the process. It sounded so easy, so I thought ok....... try it, if you ruin a few flowers you can dry more this year.

Look at this pretty close up. It is almost transparent so they look so different depending on the background you place them on, this was taken on my patio table which is a dark brownish color.

If you want to give it a try, this is what you will need:
Wax paper, tissues (kleenex), and a mixture of glue and water.
The article said 60% glue to 40% water.

Lay out your waxed paper and make a design or collage with your flowers. Take a tissue and use only one ply , then lay gently on top of your design. Very carefully apply the glue and water over the tissue.
Now you have to leave it for about 12 hours or overnight, then using a cloth over it, take your iron and press firmly.
Ta da... now you can use this to create something beautiful :)

I want to try sewing over the tag using fabric behind it, but my sewing machine is broken. I think it would make a really nice effect.

I used a microwave flower press which I found last year to dry these flowers and they have been squished up in my dry flower press all winter. If you would like to dry flowers quickly check out my post on the Flower Press here.
I have found that the mum's I dried turned out really well, and the leaves above are from my Virginia Creeper last fall. I know when I get moved I will be doing more of this :)

Happy weekend,
Now I suppose I should go pack some supplies .