Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wire Nest Charms can be addicting

Thanks to Patty who inspired me with this post to try some wire bird nest charms. She shares a link to a tutorial on you tube, so off I went and it sounded pretty easy, so I dug out some wire I had from the dollar store and some beads from the same place. I was happy with them at first, but would never post them on my blog, tee hee... just not good enough. I think because they were kinda flat too, I didn't like them, so I started looping the wire more.

I finally went shopping for a few supplies and picked up some better quality wire and the pretty blue pearls. I wish I could have found an egg shape pearl in that color, but nothing at that time. I couldn't find an egg shaped bead of any kind actually. So I broke down and used some Vintage beads I have been saving, and I made a nest and put it on a chain with a lovely key I had already.

I added a couple of tiny charms to one, and then I tried a gold wire nest because I have lot's of gold color charms. I think it looks so pretty. I made this one really loopy didn't I? That's the thing about these nests, no two look the same, they always come out different.

Today I recieved 2 giveaways that I won in the OWOH event, funny how they are from different parts of the world and arrived on exactly the same day :)

Below is an intial soldered charm from Xela in Germany . I was drawn to her blog right away because I just love the style of what she creates. Take a minute and visit her at Cottage Dreams

Thank you Xela for this sweet gift, look what I have done with it........
It makes a nice addition to my new charm necklace :) Wonder if I will wear it much, I am really not a jewelry person, I love to look at it and have it but I don't often wear it. I really should deck myself out more even if I do stay home a lot.

The other giveaway I won is from Cia at Briarwood Miniatures. This talented lady creates miniature furniture, accessories, houses, you name it, lookie what I won.

All hand made by Cia , are they adorable or what? They will be going in our doll house. It is packed up right now, but one of these days I will show it to you.

Thanks so much Cia, I am so happy, and I especially love the tiny bee skep, which was a lovely surprise :)

Guess what I did today? I was outside cleaning up the front garden for a while, I even had to take off my sweater. I had a t shirt underneath of course. It was so warm in the sun. I realized after twenty minutes how out of shape I am after the winter, so I left more work for another day. Ohhhhhhhh it was so nice to be out in the sun and in the dirt, especially after 4 days dark gloomy weather. Hope it stays like this for a while.

Take care peeps,